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Our Hike to Clingman’s Dome

This particular journey started many years ago…

As a teenager I was turned onto the idea of summiting the highest peaks of each state, becoming a “peak-bagger” as it were.  This past summer I finally got to check off the first peak, at truly magical place called Mount Rogers that sits near the southwest corner of our lovely state. (I’ll post pics from that later on, wild ponies included!)

As the wife and I travel the country, if the schedule and mileage warrant it we will tick off these high points as we go and this time our travels had brought us to within spitting distance of Clingman’s Dome (highest peak in Tennessee!).

We started the day early to beat the heat and hopefully any crowds.  The moon was still high in the sky as we began the short but strenuous trek to the top,

At an almost 13% grade it was not the easiest half mile ever!

The views make it all worthwhile though as you look through the valleys of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

On top of the summit is a spiral ramp raising you up 45 feet above the Southern Appalachian spruce-fir forest (one of only a handful of sites in North America) affording the views below.

We missed sunrise by a few minutes but were treated to a gorgeous show nonetheless.   Not too crowded at all, the air was quite chilly and the wind was unrelenting at that altitude.

The tower itself is beautiful as well, doesn’t quite fit in with the surroundings but isn’t an eyesore either.

The Crosstrek enjoyed the view while we summitted!

Prints are available, please email for more info at

Let me know what you think in the comments!  Have you been, what was your experience like?

Uh oh! (some peronsal work too!)

Okay, I apologize, that was really rude of me!

…what? you’re confused now? Alright, it has been almost three months since I blogged last! Well, I meant to, I mean we’ve had a great summer, weddings, engagement shoots, seniors, I even uploaded the images to blog about! And then…


I have a bunch of stuff coming and a schedule now for blogging so keep an eye out for that. I have been updating facebook pretty regularly (a lot of the images are for clients on there, so they’ve seen all the nice new stuff).

Jessi will look familiar to most of you guys, we have worked with her to produce headshots two years in a row for her dance competitions as well as photographed a recital. It was during that recital when I was rather overwhelmed with emotion that I got the idea to do some dance related images with Jessi. These images are only the starting point for this project…


such grace and beauty…
dance on the path

we had been up a little arlier that day and captured this…
morning beauty

Jessi’s beauty is matched only by her talent…
a chilly start

early flight

Many thanks to Jessi for getting up so early to help with this, we’ll setup another session after a while.

As always comments are greatly appreciated, either here or via email, let me know what you think!