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Valentine’s Day Engagement Special!!

I know a lot of you lovebirds will be getting engaged tomorrow and to help you celebrate I’m offering a slew of upgrades and good stuff through the end of February!  Contact me via email at or text/call 540-871-4035 (leave a message if I’m tied up!)  Setup a face to face meeting over coffee and I’ll give you all the juicy details on the deals!


(BTW the photo is for Turnback Tuesdays!  Aaron and Kelly had a beautiful wedding way back in 2010!)

Caroline & Joe’s wedding!

We were honored to be asked to photograph Caroline and Joe’s wedding at Wisteria Ridge!  We had a gorgeous fall day with a constant breeze up in the mountains of Callaway, VA.

Shanna Bush was there guiding the way, ensuring everything went smoothly!

Just a little teaser before the big reveal!

Kate’s Fashion Bridals

  Kate had worked with us a few years ago through Metropolished a local modeling agency.  We loved working with Kate!  She is so confident and beautiful, we wanted to work with her again.  Like so many of our clients we formed a friendship with Kate and kept in touch through the years.  After getting married on the other end of the state Kate asked us if we would do Fashion Bridals for her…

  Fashion Bridals are otherwise known as “Trash the Dress” sessions!  We immediately jumped at this and we all brainstormed some neat ideas and locations.  Now, you may be wondering how fashion bridals are any different from regular bridals, I mean, we don’t really trash the dress do we?

  No!  We just take a different direction than your typical bridal session, a little more edgy, the dress my get dirty (not trashed!), but you get to wear what is probably the most expensive, detailed, elegant dress you’ll ever own more than once!  And you’ll get some stunning images to show off forever!

  We started off with some natural-light images to warm up a bit, Kate took the role of Super-model and ran with it!IMG_0001Kate had such a beautiful gown!  We sat her here on the old stairs and wrapped her up mermaid style so you could see the beading/embroidery on the back…IMG_0036What a gorgeous smile!IMG_0055See, I told you the back was beautiful!IMG_0069The sun cooperated to give us an awesome sunset, and some great clouds!IMG_0097Grunge and glamour combine for Fashion Bridals…IMG_0106Had to get the shoes, I just had to…IMG_0118Clouds, thank you so much for your appearance!IMG_0133Kate, thank you for “bringing it!”  You are a Super-Duper Model!IMG_0134

Kelly’s Bridal Session

  Kelly and Aaron were married in June and we snuck in a last minute bridal session just a couple of weeks before her big day.  We had worked with Kelly before during her Engagement session (get to know you session around here!) and we knew she was not only gorgeous, but capable of some pretty, elegant looks, as well as some more sultry, vogue-ish ones!  We headed up to the site of the wedding to capture these at 3pm in June (from a photography standpoint it couldn’t have been worse, hot, sun almost directly overhead, hardly a breeze, but Kelly rocked in true super-model fashion!)
IMG_0024see, I told you she was gorgeous!  Then we opted for a little more drama and got this…IMG_0016…I pushed it a step further in the digital darkroom later and…  still beautiful and super-edgy!IMG_0016-2Elegant, beautiful, with eyes that draw you right in…IMG_0042A little more traditional now with the bouquet and a smile…IMG_0064The reception was being held at the barn so we made sure to utilize it in a couple…IMG_0074Even with the mid-summer sun beating down Kelly helped us nail this awesome image toward the end of the session…IMG_0100So fun, such a good sport to play with us in the heat, this might be one of my favorites from the session!  That dress came from hereIMG_0121We couldn’t pass up these french doors…  Thanks Kelly for being so super-modelly!IMG_0130
Angel popped in for a test shot while helping Kelly keep cool, two smashing women in one image!IMG_0073

We’re winners! Thanks a million!

I received a phone call back in December from The Knot wedding magazine and was reluctant at first to call back. We get calls from magazines, websites, and other publications looking for us to buy advertise with them. For those of you who have met with us we have probably told you that we don’t advertise (except for rare exceptions involving a favor or acquaintance), that all of our publicity comes from word of mouth (my absolute favorite!) and Google.

So I reluctantly called back and spoke with Kimberly at The Knot, she told me that we had been picked by Knotties (brides on The Knot website) as a favorite photographer for Virginia! Then she got on into the advertising spiel! I then asked her how these “favorites” had been chosen and she informed me that all brides with weddings in 2009 were asked who their favorite vendors were for their weddings. I kept an eye on the newsstand for the DC/Maryland/Virginia issue of The Knot Best of Weddings issue and picked up a copy to check out. Their were only 47 photographers in that area picked (most from DC and Maryland), so I am flattered and proud, and a flood of other emotions!

This is a description and FAQ about the best of weddings , they have a list up on the web as well here.

Here are a few snapshots of the magazine…


Page 18 baby!

Carley’s note regarding the idea behind it…
Page 12

Ta Da!!
Page 22

Thanks you sooo much to all of our brides that are on The Knot!

Some other local vendors that made the list…


Casey’s Cakes

Gail Wilson


Mary’s Party Works

Schaal’s – great food, and a professional staff, Jim has been great to work with!

Kidd Carter

RSP Entertainment – Roy and his crew have worked several events and have kept the part alive!

Cuts Creative Florist

The Woodland Place – Awesome venue, great outdoor wedding space and plenty of photo ops!

Hidden Valley Country Club

Thanks again to all of our brides!

Holding out…

Yep, that’s right, I’ve been holding out on you…

Between meetings and shoots I’ve left you hangin’… Well let me see if I can fix that…

Early at the arboretum Shannon turned on that beautiful smile…
I'm getting married!!

then we headed on to a beautiful wooded setting…
reflection of bridal beauty

…where Shannon turned into a fashion model and rocked the runway (…err, woods, I mean)
Shannon fashion

She worked every angle with her dress!
workin' it

and straight out of Italian Vogue…

Wow! I still need to post their wedding images for you blog readers, and we are looking forward to a Fahion Bridal session with her and Jeremy that should be uber-cool!

Well, well, well…

I’ve been busy working on a couple of Senior portrait sessions, an engagement session, a wedding, a family session, whew!! My blogging schedule is not working, but my clients are happy!

Some of my older posts are not fitted to the new blog layout, so I’ll work on that soon (the Mabry Mill shoot with Shannon and Jeremy)…

Here are some teaser images from Garrett and Ben’s wedding…

Garrett was a gorgeous bride!

A beautiful dress (Mom and Paige assist with the ribbon!)

Ben and the fellas hangin’ out on the street

Whoa!! Is this from an issue of Vanity Fair? Where’d these beautiful ladies come from? Check out their runway skills!