Turkey, pilgrims, a cornucopia… ?

  No, although it is just around the corner, this is about real thanks…

  Today you see is my half birthday! Well, not my birthday, but my other half’s birthday, my soulmate, my puzzle piece, my fuzzy spoon (ask if you want, it’s a long story!).

  Today a few years (!) ago my Angel was born, a few years later we met and fell in love, puppy love, schmoopy, PDA-filled 14 year old love. A few years later we found each other again and we have been together ever since! We have been together longer than we have not!

  This is what a dear friend and bride had to say after her honeymoon last week…

  Jimmy & I left the real world so quickly on Sunday that this is the first time I have had to send you a quick email to thank you and Angel. I am beyond impressed with your professionalism, teamwork and shared vision. I have watched you and Angel grow from that first wedding…at Coda (I think)…to the amazing “performance” at my wedding. You are both so talented and have an awesome gift…you really are soulmates!!

  I am truly blessed to have you as my friends and I am so thrilled that you took my photos. My family LOVED you two and I have nothing left to say but, thank you and I am on pins and needles to see the pictures!

(aww… thanks Liane!!)

And to my AWESOME wife

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Angela & Nathan, the Wedding…

We are always excited about weddings, it’s a fun day full of emotions, from love to laughter.  With a cool couple like Angela and Nathan, and a great supporting cast like Tripp and their friends and family, it makes it an even better day!  Angela and Nathan got married at the Historic Fincastle Wedding Chapel right next to the Kyle house.  What a beautiful chapel, stained glass windows, a bell-tower, situated in downtown Fincastle! 

IMG_0009IMG_1532Angela got ready in the Kyle House IMG_0021    with plenty of help from friends and family…

 IMG_0018The light in the Kyle House is just so yummy!IMG_0040IMG_0075IMG_0035 The men were handsome as ever in front of this rustic cabin… IMG_0092 a proud father escorts his daughter to the chapelIMG_0041-2IMG_0181 Nathan was so happy to see his bride!IMG_0081   IMG_0174Tripp waited patiently on the altar…IMG_0138-2 IMG_7181 Tripp helped light the unity candle, what a beautiful gesture…IMG_0214 But the wax was hot!  ;-)  Don’t worry, Tripp was fine!IMG_0203-2  IMG_0223 Angela and Nathan had planned for a little time after the ceremony before the reception for a photo session…IMG_0293 IMG_0060-2 Rock stars?!?  you bet, these two rocked it!IMG_0310 IMG_0075-3 Then off to the reception for Bubblecakes!IMG_0122 The bouquet toss and garter!IMG_0191-2IMG_0205-2A quick session on the stairs…  stunning yes?IMG_0153    The big exit! IMG_0420IMG_0441We had a lot of fun that day, I’m sure we’ll see them soon for portraits, coffee, you name it!  Thanks for sharing that beautiful day guys!