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Veronica college graduation…

  Veronica contacted us to do graduation portraits for her when she graduated from college in the spring, she had discussed going to the studio and doing some images in her gown in front of a backdrop.  After consulting briefly we both came to the conclusion that we could give her something much more interesting that would mean so much more…

  Attending Mary Baldwin College through the Higher Ed center downtown we knew we had to showcase this remarkable building in some of the images so we met in front of the building when it would be lit just right by the sun…

IMG_0063And of course we had to have a little fun!

IMG_0079We almost always bring a studio strobe with us, this allows us to control more of the scene and the light to flatter you in every image…IMG_0084_ppThen it was back to the studio for some more traditional graduation images…IMG_0100_pp…and more fun of course! (please let me pass, please let me pass!)IMG_0104IMG_0106_ppIMG_0111_ppIMG_0114_ppVeronica rocked her shoot in Superstar fashion!IMG_0122_pp

Kelly’s maternity session…

  Kelly was so excited to get her maternity session done while carrying her first child.  We photographed her boudoir session last year and couldn’t wait to work with her again!  As with most of our clients we tend to form a friendship and Kelly was sure to let us know as soon as she found out she was pregnant so we could all plan to make some amazing images that convey the beauty of motherhood and the softness of this special time…

IMG_0005IMG_0013IMG_0015IMG_0017IMG_0022IMG_0033Miguel came in for a few frames to share this wonderful moment with us…IMG_0040IMG_0042IMG_0046IMG_0050

Stay tuned for the newborn session!

Kara (boudoir, fashion bridals…)

  Kara replied to a casting call that I posted on a modeling site regarding boudoir images…

  We have found that every woman we have ever photographed (brides, maternity, seniors, family portraits, etc.) is VERY self-critical before and during the beginning of the shoot, but by the end of the shoot they always feel better about themselves, seeing themselves in a new light (no pun intended!), to see this transformation is amazing, the posture is a little better when they leave, a little smile stays on their lips, an air of confidence surrounds them.

  We are adding boudoir sessions because we feel it will be a great gift for brides to give to their fiancé as a pre-wedding gift the day of the wedding, or for an anniversary, birthday, and so on.  Imagine the look on his face when he sees these tasteful images of you, a very special gift for him merely hours before he takes your hand in marriage.  Now imagine how good you’ll feel having been posed professionally and images captured with dramatic lighting that feel like they could be an ad in Vogue or Elle…

  We met Kara and discussed what we would like to get for our portfolio and she for hers, where the locations were, what clothing to bring etc.  This pre-meeting also gave us a chance to get to know each other a little bit, joke around, and loosen up a week or so before the shoot.  To make things a little smoother we started the shoot with a sun-dress outdoors downtown…


Kara braved the bugs and heat with us to capture some fun images…


Now, a little more sultry, turn up the heat a little…

IMG_0052Pow!  There we go, that all comes together for a pretty smashing series!

  Next we wanted some images in a wedding dress that we picked up a while back.  To shoot some Trash the Dress Fashion Bridal images, so we stayed downtown, reset lights while Kara changed (in our pop-up changing booth) and she helped us create these images…

This one was just begging for some sepia… IMG_0067-2

Flirty fun in front of the municipal building…IMG_0069

Ummm…  WOW!  Kara pulled all the stops for this sultry look…IMG_0073   IMG_0084

So, these are NOT your mother’s bridal are they?  We thought not!  The dress is barely dirty but you get some great images in it that you probably won’t get on your wedding day…IMG_0089

I love the blue sky in these as well as Kara’s beauty…IMG_0094

This has a bit of a grungy dirty feel to it…IMG_0099

After that great warm-up we headed to some space that I have available to shoot the boudoir images.  I had previously set everything up to save time and get right down to shooting…

     A simple white shirt, some great lighting, we’re off to a great start…IMG_0125 Some bedroom eyes, a black and white treatment, wouldn’t your man love to have images like this of you?..IMG_0126 …shirt off the shoulder, flirty smile, direct eye contact…IMG_0128 did she catch the scent of your cologne on the shirt to trigger memories?IMG_0130  More direct, fun, sassy…IMG_0134 Wow!  Well Hello, Kara!  A very simple yet high impact pose here…IMG_0138 Kara had asked if we could get some shots that showcased her tattoo (that she designed) so we started with an image that shows off the design but also has a soft feel to it…IMG_0144  Then we got a little more dramatic with the lighting and brought out the tattoo more…IMG_0156 and finally a less direct gaze and a wonderful set of images!IMG_0161


Thanks Kara!  We still plan on a trip to see you and shoot some more soon!

What do you say Ladies?  Are you ready to feel great about yourself?  Celebrate your upcoming wedding?  Your anniversary?  Give your man the perfect gift?  Want to celebrate a milestone in your life?  Let us know, we can meet and discuss your session!

No more holding out…

Annie is a Senior from Franklin County that we have been working with. She wanted edgy, fashion oriented Senior portraits that didn’t look like everyone else’s, so she called us. We utilized our fashion background and found some awesome locations for her first shoot.

Here are a few favorites…



Annie wow! (senior portraits)

We put together a little slideshow as well, feedback is always appreciated!

A little trip to the state capital

We went to Richmond the day after Thanksgiving to take family portraits of Lauren’s family (see the wedding slideshow below) and headed out to Byrd Park near Carytown in Richmond. What a beautiful setting for some casual family protraits. As usual, we showed up a day early to scout and found some great areas to shoot in, all withing a VERY short walk of each other…

Everyone is in this one (and Carter hasn’t warmed up to us yet 🙂
The Whole Family

Then we had small groups for a much tighter composition, here Carter and Kristen gave us a fabulous pose…
Kristen and Carter

We walked about 100 feet away and posed everyone on the terraces of this amphitheater to take advantage of the nice lines there (later we learned that Grandad played music at that amphitheater when he was younger)
Everyone on the stairs

Around 70 feet from there is a rock bench that we had each couple sit on for us, Daniel and Lindsey are such a cute couple!

We used the stairs there to pose all of the daughters with the parents on the stairs
The Girls with the Parents

We had to sneak this candid of Lauren while she was on the stairs with her sisters… (even squinting into the sun she’s beautiful!)

Each couple got a turn on the srairs as well…

Mom and Dad got featured in this one with all the kids behind them
Parents with kids in bokeh

We took everyone to a pond nearby for shots of each couple, then Carter by himself…


Thanks for looking and I’ll be updating again soon (I hope!)