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  Sexy, sophisticated, tasteful, beautiful, sultry, sensual
Every man thinks of these terms when describing the one they love. Unfortunately, most women aren’t able to see themselves this way. We want to help you unveil your beauty by bringing out the most sexy part of you… your CONFIDENCE.

  Let us match up your inner confidence and your outer most beauty with your first boudoir session. We will start with some fashion oriented images to help you get comfortable and natural for the camera. Then, we will direct you through some poses that will have you and your man doing a double-take.  As a husband and wife team we have a balanced approach to your poses and expressions that add up to a great session!
  Lastly, we’ll help you select the perfect images for a private album for your partner to give as a special anniversary, valentine, or wedding day gift.  Not only will you have these images for a lifetime, you will also gain a sexiness and confidence that will outlast your photo session and carry into your relationship.
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  MaDonna and Kelly chose to book their sessions together, as best friends they had already been to get their nails done together, and decided to make it a girls day out…
This was their “tough girls” image!IMG_0129-2


  Motherhood is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life, bringing a new soul into the world, a growing family…  We love to capture this moment at it’s peak, around 8 months or so.  Stephanie came to the studio to start her shoot with her husband with some classic maternity images…IMG_0007IMG_0014Anthony stepped in and lent a masculine contrast to the images…IMG_0035a…working with these two was easy, loving looks and embraces were the order of the day.IMG_0041This one has a real ethereal feel to it…IMG_0047…and some dramatic lighting here to accent Stephanie’s pregnant form…IMG_0051A little belly dance attire for fun!IMG_0059One of our favorites….IMG_0066After the studio Stephanie wanted to head down to the river for some magical images…IMG_0105


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Karolina and Chris E-Session

  We will be at Saint Andrew’s again later on this year with Karolina and Chris, so to get away from the Downtown/Metro scene we headed up on the parkway for the engagement session.  I scouted out the site for Explore park two days before our shoot was scheduled and looked around, a nice place but not quite magical…

  Cue Karolina and Chris to enter from stage left!  Suddenly this old park (no longer in use) takes on a new life for their images, great smiles from Chris, cute flirts from Karolina and POW! her is what we get!

  The light was right, the mood was there, we had a great time with them and can’t wait for the wedding in October!

The Wrights…

Julie and Brian are great friends of ours (that developed from us photographing their wedding and families through the years!) that have a beautiful family and some MAD poker skills! We had them over the other day (December!) to do some family portraits with Noah again and the newest member of the family Charlie! Some of you may remember Noah from his trip to the barber shop last spring! We had fun shooting this session as well as hanging out with this wonderful family…

Noah and Brian cracked up some…
Oh No!!  :-)

Then Julie and Charlie brought their beauty in front of the lens…
Julie and Charlie

Charlie and Noah hammed it up for us!
Charlie and Noah

Mom and Dad had some fun time with Noah…
Time with Noah

Julie and Brian make such an adorable couple…
Brian & Julie

Then some time together…
Brian and Julie

This was actually one of the first images we shot (this was the idea in my head when we started, then we progressed from there) but I had to save it for last…
Wright Family

The Day After…

We have talked to many couples about doing a “Day After Session” or “Trash the Dress”, and it usually needs a little explanation…

Basically, on your wedding day you will be REALLY strapped for time, sometimes stressed, and always ready to PARTY at the reception! With most people scheduling the posed photos after the ceremony and guests/family anxious to start the reception (food and drink are important)tensions can run high as guests wait at the tables for the bride and groom to return from the photo session. Daylight may be fading or weather may not cooperate, so scheduling a Day After session can make the day less stressful and get some AMAZING images!

We always work hard to find the most beautiful, or edgy, or cool places for your photoshoot no matter where we happen to be, but imagine a shoot in the woods, or in an urban setting, or in the water at the beach for your wedding images. How many of your friends did this for their wedding? We have a few setup for the future and can’t wait to meet with these couples again to create some artistic images.

Brides may wonder about how their dress will fair after something like this and that is a valid question. We can take it easy and be very careful with dress and where you sit, stand or lay. Or we can go all out for some amazing imagery and make the fashion world jealous with what we create with you. What are you going to do with your dress afterwards anyway? Will your daughter want to wear it 20 years from now? Did you wear your mother’s dress? Why not? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should take it to goodwill the day after the ceremony, I know the investment you made in that dress, wouldn’t you want to get a little more use out of it? A good dry cleaner will have most of them as good as new (unless you go all out with mud or grease or something!)

We’ll show off some as we do more…

Lauren and Justin’s Wedding at Avoca Museum

Lauren and Justin got married at the beautiful Avoca Museum in Altavista, VA (we also did Lauren’s bridals there earlier in the year. As a surprise for the couple I put together a slideshow on DVD that they could share with friends and family when they get together (it’s also on youtube for use on facebook and myspace, etc.)

The day was beautiful, the couple’s friends and family were awesome and the bride and groom were beautiful and handsome!

Lauren had some great things to say about us that we’ll share later, we’ve also got a trip planned to Richmond to do family portraits for everyone up there, we can’t wait!

Janece and Greg’s Wedding

Janece and Greg invited us to share the day with them as they recited their vows at the First Presbyterian church on Jefferson in Roanoke. You may remember seeing Janece’s bridals a while back…

Tyler escorted the mothers in and out of the chapel…


Greg’s first look at his bride, you can see the adoration…
The kiss!!…
Happy newlyweds stride out of the chapel. I always think it’s cool to see the strut that every groom has as he leaves the altar, it’s kinda cool, I wonder who all notices that?
A few details from the day…

And the couple’s session during the reception…

A great couple to work with and a beautiful church adds up to some great images to share with you from an early wedding on Saturday.

Keeping my promise…

…well as I promised, here are more images from the wedding on the 19th of Paul & Kathy Barrell…

the beautiful bands…
Paul getting some last minute adjustments…
Kathy and her beautiful bridesmaids!
The men are ready to go…
Kathy’s brother gave her away on behalf of the family, what a gorgeous bride!
Paul and Kathy along with their niece watered a newly planted tree in the front yard in honor of their parents during the ceremony
As the couple arrived at the reception…

Shortly after delivering to Kathy and Paul I received an email inviting me to use this on the website…

“Paul and I were married outside our home on July 19, 2008. We were very excited when we found out that the photographer and his wife had been past students of Paul’s. We knew we wanted a few pictures taken during the wedding and the typical bridal party shots after the wedding but we had no idea what else we wanted or who we wanted to include.We also did not want the hassle or time taken away from our guests for pictures. Michael and his wife, Angel put our minds as ease. They came to the rehearsal on Friday, just to get ideas of where they could be, that would cause the least amount of distraction during the ceremony and still be able to get some wonderful pictures. We immediately knew we had hired the right person for the job. It was a relief to know that we had found someone we could trust to do a fantastic job.
The day of the wedding Michael and Angel came early and took pictures before the actual wedding. Not all of the pictures were your standard “family-bridal party pictures”. I was amazed at some of the settings that he came up with for us individually and as a couple. He took pictures of us on the steps inside the house, looking out the bedroom window at the wedding site, coming out the front door, etc.
I can’t say enough positive statements about Michael and the job that he did for us. We were extremely pleased with his friendly nature and ability to make us feel comfortable, as well as , his professionalism, expertise and creativity that he shows in the pictures that he takes.


I want to thank them again for letting us share that beautiful day with them and their friends and family!


Woo Hoo!! 13 Years of Bliss!!

Wow, today is our 13 year anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!!

My wife Angel and I were Junior High School sweethearts that met when we were 13 years old! Those are some pictures from the past few years from friends weddings, Chuck E Cheese, the Mall’s photo booth, and a night at Metro downtown. We are just as schmoopy as we look in these photos (sometimes more so!) and thoroughly enjoy our lives with each other, we spent about 30 minutes last night laughing at Scare Tactics, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and my own silliness (don’t ask!). Looking back on the past 16 years, these have been the happiest of our lives!

I love you Sugarbear!