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Thursday Throwdown! Mad Max Edition

Today I finally watched Mad Max : Fury Road, and although I’m sure that this movie wasn’t for everyone I was enthralled for the entire 2 hours!  With some over the top violence, sparse and mumbled dialogue from time to time and a plot that may have been thin here and there you may wonder what I have to rave about here.

Well, I watched the Black and Chrome Edition (seek it out on your favorite streaming service  for purchase or pick up a disk for archival purposes).  This was the version that George Miller (director) prefers himself.  The oversaturated oranges and blues were to differentiate it from other post-apocalyptic movies and WOW audiences.  It did just that with a great box office record to show for it.

I have always had a thing for B/W imagery and movies,  probably stemming from my days in the darkroom back in the day.  It’s timeless, it’s classic, it doesn’t reflect whatever crazy hues were in style right now but gone next season.  I’ll show you an example here of one of my puppies…

This image is straight out of camera (SOOC) unedited and it’s fine.  Fine is nice (I should’ve mowed the lawn before maybe), but we want exemplary, we want AWESOME!  Don’t get me wrong, Frejya IS awesome but this image was just fine.

There, that’s better…  A little more contrast, a little more OOOMMPPFF!  I should totally hang this on the wall!

For another amazing B/W movie take a minute and seek out Pi (directed by Darren Aronofsky), shot in B/W using a high contrast reversal film process!

For a peek at what inspired this post take a look at the video below…  (let me know what you thought in the comments!!)

A little tidbit…

A while back I attended a car show in downtown Roanoke in the rain. Dodging in and out of alcoves and covered areas as the rain passed over and came down, I was able to capture some decent images of some really nice cars, some that were rather rare! I have recently re-processed these with a more artistic/experimental flair, see what you think…

This Cadilac was really sweet…
pimp caddy in pseudo hdr

I can’t remeber what this engine was in, but under the hood was detailed to perfection and the blower stack was pretty impressive too!
big blower

These fellas were hanging out near their 40 coupe and using the remote to roll down the windows and open the doors when innocent onlookers would lean in for a closer look. They were getting a real kick out of it! When I approached with my camera they struck up a conversation and I had to tack a photo with the fisheye lens on and show them what it does, they were quite surprised at the image (this one was just about 6″ from his nose when I released the shutter!
what?  you need somethin'?

This old Willys Jeep was restored to mil-specs…
willys jeep

I thought you all might enjoy a different look on here, feel free to let me know what you think.