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Elizabeth and Dustin E-Session

  I headed up to Roanoke College with Elizabeth and Dusty for their “get to know you session”, Angel couldn’t make it this day so we went ahead without her and had a blast. We roamed around the Roanoke College campus and found some beautiful spots to shoot at and generally had a good time, while getting to know these two and sharing a few laughs.  They’ll be getting married this Saturday in Salem with the reception at The Inn at Burwell Place.

IMG_0014Such a cute couple…IMG_0015

Elizabeth will make a stunning bride…

IMG_0025IMG_0031And Dusty will make a handsome groom…IMG_0039IMG_0075IMG_0093IMG_0112
Since Angel couldn’t make the first session we headed out again a little later and short a short session with them before having dinner just to get to know everyone a little better…IMG_0030IMG_0044Abbey Road?..IMG_0061IMG_0066IMG_8903