Sara & Mikel Engagement

  Back at the end of Summer we met up with Sara & Mikel for their engagement shoot, they love the outdoors so we did the shoot at a small park in Roanoke County.

  Our couples always ask “what should we wear?” to which we reply to wear something you’re comfortable in, that makes you feel good, and make sure that you match each other.  No, no, no, not in a creepy “we are wearing matching sailor outfits” kinda way but in a “we both are dressed for night on the town” way, or “we’re headed out for a hike” kinda way…  Sara and Mikel nailed it, both wearing casual but cute looks that could have come from a catalog shoot.

  …with his awesome hat and relaxed smile, Mikel rocked this shoot.


Such a fun, laid back couple we couldn’t wait for the wedding day!IMG_0012

I love this, the way they’re looking at each other, the warm sun behind them lighting up the meadow…IMG_0024

There is a natural calm when they’re together…IMG_0034IMG_0038

Sara, Hollywood is calling, they need Jodie Foster back!  I noticed it this day, but their wedding day she really was channeling Jodie!  Check out the dimples, how cute!IMG_0048

See, relaxed comes right through the camera into the image…IMG_0067

So Happy!IMG_2096

Adorable, both of ya!IMG_2138-2

Rules were meant to be broken, even though, I love this image!IMG_2173

Stay tuned for the wedding images soon!


  Sexy, sophisticated, tasteful, beautiful, sultry, sensual
Every man thinks of these terms when describing the one they love. Unfortunately, most women aren’t able to see themselves this way. We want to help you unveil your beauty by bringing out the most sexy part of you… your CONFIDENCE.

  Let us match up your inner confidence and your outer most beauty with your first boudoir session. We will start with some fashion oriented images to help you get comfortable and natural for the camera. Then, we will direct you through some poses that will have you and your man doing a double-take.  As a husband and wife team we have a balanced approach to your poses and expressions that add up to a great session!
  Lastly, we’ll help you select the perfect images for a private album for your partner to give as a special anniversary, valentine, or wedding day gift.  Not only will you have these images for a lifetime, you will also gain a sexiness and confidence that will outlast your photo session and carry into your relationship.
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  MaDonna and Kelly chose to book their sessions together, as best friends they had already been to get their nails done together, and decided to make it a girls day out…
This was their “tough girls” image!IMG_0129-2

Happy New Year!!

To all of our clients and family and friends, thank you so much for an awesome 2010 and let’s look forward to an unbelievable 2011!!

  Wow, I already feel ahead of the game with this blog post to ring in the New Year coming in 20 days earlier than last years!  Winking smile  As I was reflecting on last year I thought about my 101 in 1001 list that I made, (you know 101 things to do in 1001 days) and was feeling pretty bad that I hadn’t accomplished many of them…  but upon closer inspection I found that I had started many more than I remembered and that I completed a few that I hadn’t even thought about!

  Now, this isn’t some major-hanging-over-my-head to do list, just a list of goals to accomplish, they will change over time, evolve, grow and drop by the wayside, it is just a fun way to motivate myself for things I need to.  Like the Polar Bear Plunge, jumping into freezing cold water to ring in the New Year, well, does it really hafta be New Years Day?  Complete decorating the house, build a wall, paint different parts, just a chore list for me, but they’re pretty big things here…

  On the completed end of the list…

  • make jerky again!  yes, it was quite tasty!
  • subscribe to MAKE magazine, an easy one, but it ties in with completing 6 projects from MAKE!
  • Compete in a USPSA shoot with the glock, I didn’t come in last!!  It was great fun and I’ll do it again this year!
  • Get an iPhone, we needed a better way to show off our portfolio wherever we were and keep up with emails and business.  We got Android based phones (which fit who we are much better!) and a great plan to boot!
  • Learn more Spanish!  ongoing, but I try to pick up a little here and there!
  • Join VPPA Virginia Professional Photographers Association, a great investment, monthly meetings, a great peer group, it’s awesome!

Started these, sometimes you’ve gotta recognize the small victories…

  • Viking photo shoot, scheduling issues kept this at bay in 2010, but I’ll  get all the ducks in a row soon for this one!
  • I’m in the process of redesigning the website now, it’s not like new wallpaper and drapes kinda redesign, it’s more like tear out the foundation and start all over!
  • Decreasing electrical consumption has not been easy but we’re still trying!
  • I have not painted any of the exterior of the house but I did get the repair done that I needed to before starting to paint!
  • Recognizing the seasons, I made a point to stop and reflect at each of the major holidays and look at that time more in depth…

Ongoing from the list!

  • Love Life!  Yes, everyday!
  • Continue to improve!  Always striving!
  • Empower women through boudoir shoots (see my next post for more on this!)
  • Relax!  yes!

Have a great New Year everyone!