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A little trip to the state capital

We went to Richmond the day after Thanksgiving to take family portraits of Lauren’s family (see the wedding slideshow below) and headed out to Byrd Park near Carytown in Richmond. What a beautiful setting for some casual family protraits. As usual, we showed up a day early to scout and found some great areas to shoot in, all withing a VERY short walk of each other…

Everyone is in this one (and Carter hasn’t warmed up to us yet 🙂
The Whole Family

Then we had small groups for a much tighter composition, here Carter and Kristen gave us a fabulous pose…
Kristen and Carter

We walked about 100 feet away and posed everyone on the terraces of this amphitheater to take advantage of the nice lines there (later we learned that Grandad played music at that amphitheater when he was younger)
Everyone on the stairs

Around 70 feet from there is a rock bench that we had each couple sit on for us, Daniel and Lindsey are such a cute couple!

We used the stairs there to pose all of the daughters with the parents on the stairs
The Girls with the Parents

We had to sneak this candid of Lauren while she was on the stairs with her sisters… (even squinting into the sun she’s beautiful!)

Each couple got a turn on the srairs as well…

Mom and Dad got featured in this one with all the kids behind them
Parents with kids in bokeh

We took everyone to a pond nearby for shots of each couple, then Carter by himself…


Thanks for looking and I’ll be updating again soon (I hope!)

Lauren and Justin’s Wedding at Avoca Museum

Lauren and Justin got married at the beautiful Avoca Museum in Altavista, VA (we also did Lauren’s bridals there earlier in the year. As a surprise for the couple I put together a slideshow on DVD that they could share with friends and family when they get together (it’s also on youtube for use on facebook and myspace, etc.)

The day was beautiful, the couple’s friends and family were awesome and the bride and groom were beautiful and handsome!

Lauren had some great things to say about us that we’ll share later, we’ve also got a trip planned to Richmond to do family portraits for everyone up there, we can’t wait!

A busy weekend! (Justin Cash, do not scroll down!!!)

Wow, we had a busy weekend! A wedding on Saturday and Bridals in Altavista on Sunday.

First the wedding… I had been contacted by an associate of mine to photograph a wedding for a local school administrator. The bride and I spoke on the phone and discussed some general information, after agreeing that we could accomodate their needs I setup a meeting at their house (also the wedding location). Upon arrival I knocked on the door and was greeted by Kathy, after showing me to the dining room where we would meet Kathy turned to the stairs and beckoned, “Paul, Michael is here…”. I thought to myself “No, it couldn’t be, that would just be crazy” I had seen a truck in the driveway with a license plate that referred to volleyball, my old coach’s name is Paul, he’s a volleyball nut, nah… that would be a huge coincidence. “Coach Barrell!” I said as he came down the stairs! Sure enough, I was here to discuss the wedding of my Junior High PE/Health teacher who was also my Baseball Coach during that time. Not only that, but he was also coach and teacher to my two older siblings! What a small world! Well, Kathy put together a beautiful ceremony with readings, poems, song, a tribute, and personal vows. As I watched the ceremony unfold I could see that these two were perfect for each other! Well enough of my mindless blathering, here is their teaser image…

Kathy & Paul Teaser

We’ll see more from this wedding in the coming weeks.

Well, back to the busy weekend, we then traveled (on Sunday) to Altavista for a bridal session with Lauren who will be getting married in September of this year. The ceremony will be held at Avoca museum in Altavista, this Virginia Historic Landmark is an excellent example of 19th Century American Queen Anne architecture. We can’t wait for the wedding day to arrive, this place is wonderful! Lauren’s beauty definitely steals the show from this location hands down. We toured around both inside and out utilizing every area we could in the time we had. This image is using natural light in one of the living rooms of the house, while beautiful by itself, just wait until you see the rest!

Lauren's Bridal Teaser