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Rebecca and Brian – Wedding

  Rebecca and Brian were married at Saint Andrew’s Catholic Church during one of this winter’s many storms.  The weekend made everyone a little uneasy with it’s forecast, ranging from 8-12 inches of snow to sleet and freezing rain.  The timing of the storm was questionable as well…  With guests from out of town a decision was made that the Friday night rehearsal (which we always come to!) would now be the ceremony itself!  Arriving at the Hotel Roanoke 2 hours before the wedding we drove through an inch or so of slush on the streets of a deserted downtown Roanoke.  We met the family and our hearts warmed (and knocked the chill off this cold day!) as we got to know Brian and Rebecca’s families in the suites they had booked at Hotel Roanoke.

  It wound up being an absolutely beautiful ceremony at two of Roanoke’s most famous landmarks…

Rebecca, a beautiful bride!


The boys all ready to go, Brian has a very cool confidence…


The rings and bouquet were begging for attention


A stunning example of Victorian Gothic style…


A very proud father and a beautiful happy bride!


An adorable moment during the vows…


So happy and so cute!


How could I resist this image in this setting!


With sleet still pouring down we headed out onto the steps for a few images…


…and then to Hotel Roanoke for the rich dark luxuriousness of the Pine Room Pub


Where we captured some beautiful relaxed portraits of the newlyweds


…and one final image showing off Rebecca’s awesome style with her boots and wedding dress!  Rock stars they are!!


The Wrights…

Julie and Brian are great friends of ours (that developed from us photographing their wedding and families through the years!) that have a beautiful family and some MAD poker skills! We had them over the other day (December!) to do some family portraits with Noah again and the newest member of the family Charlie! Some of you may remember Noah from his trip to the barber shop last spring! We had fun shooting this session as well as hanging out with this wonderful family…

Noah and Brian cracked up some…
Oh No!!  :-)

Then Julie and Charlie brought their beauty in front of the lens…
Julie and Charlie

Charlie and Noah hammed it up for us!
Charlie and Noah

Mom and Dad had some fun time with Noah…
Time with Noah

Julie and Brian make such an adorable couple…
Brian & Julie

Then some time together…
Brian and Julie

This was actually one of the first images we shot (this was the idea in my head when we started, then we progressed from there) but I had to save it for last…
Wright Family