Molly’s Senior Shoot…

  Molly is a freshman at Radford now, but she contacted us before her Senior year to do Senior Portraits with us, you know the cool ones, not the stuffy studio drape shots you get from the schools.  On location, great lighting, edgy looks, grungy locations (or beautiful natural settings like these!).  Molly had interned with us on a couple of shoots after we came to her school to discuss our craft with the Photography I and II students, lugging gear and helping setup lights, so when her shoot came around she knew what to expect.

    We headed to a favorite location for the late summer sunset and started with some natural light shots to loosen up a little bit… IMG_0004_pp

These stairs provided great contrast to Molly’s red hair, and some fabulous light!IMG_0030Soft setting sunlight…IMG_0688Beautiful! IMG_0725A little light from a strobe, a little light from the sun, perfection!IMG_0016Molly rocked every part of the session, like a model!IMG_0644Rich B/W tones have a timeless quality…IMG_0055-2

I couldn’t have asked for anything better!IMG_0067Work it Molly!  What a beautiful smile!IMG_0089Windblown hair, great location, stunning girl, jean ad anyone?  Abercrombie will be calling any day now I know it…IMG_0666Awesome…IMG_0668

Molly has another session coming soon, we just have to arrange schedules!