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New Year

The New Year is here! (I know, I know, I’m about 20 days late with this one!) We had a great year last year finishing up with portraits of one of our favorite couples in the whole world (their post will be up soon!). While we had everything setup we had my Dad shoot a few shots of us that we’ll be using on the website…



Awww… I love my girl!

Thanks to Dad for letting me tear apart his dining room to setup the lights and background (it’s actually almost perfect!) and for shooting these and being so supportive, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you there.

Thanks as well to all of our clients (some who have become friends as well), we’ll keep you posted of upcoming opportunities through the year, keep an eye out here and in your email box.

We have already shot our first wedding this year with another just around the corner in February! We are booking quickly for the latter part of the year and have inquiries from North Carolina for weddings! If you have sent someone our way, let me know and if things work out (we book the client) we’ll send you a surprise! (No, it will NOT be a framed print of the wife and I from above, I promise!)

We have plans for this year to be a blockbuster as far as sessions, and events, and innovation are concerned!

Being the first of the year most people are resolving things, you know writing resolutions for the New Year. How often have you kept them all? It’s totally hit or miss for me as well, I found a West Coast photographer that I follow that does 101 in 1001 lists every three years… What is that, you may ask? 101 things to do in 1001 days (I’m rounding up to three years for simplicity).

I’m going to share this list with you, some of them are business oriented, some are personal, some tread a fine-line, and some are mental health associate (you’ll see!). All of these are attainable, some are very probable, some are downright easy, I’ve just gotta do it!

Click here to view the list

Some of these I’ll need help with (know any Vikings?) if you can help let me know, if you read the list, let me know what you thought… I’ll be updating it with dates as things get checked off.