E-Session with Janece and Greg

Janece and Greg met us last Saturday afternoon for an engagement session, they will be exchanging vows in about a month and a half. Greg is a Redskins fan as well as a collegiate referee, and Janece is in Sports Medicine, their paths crossed on the field one day and the relationship built from there. They’re quite a cute couple as you’ll see in the photos as well as their personalities if you know them. We had fun at the Arboretum with the happy couple as we tored around all of the neat little nooks and crannies of the place…

A hidden vantage point…
janece and greg engagement -66

Is that aGQ model there? Greg looking handsome as ever, gazing at his future bride…
janece and greg engagement -99

janece and greg engagement -60

janece and greg engagement -48

janece and greg engagement -46
We’ll post more from this session later…

Something different…

…well different for me. We were contracted to shoot headshots for a new Model/Talent agency in town called Metropolished. We will be working with Susi and Val from time to time doing headshots and fashion shoots. Here are a few samples from a recent session…

sandy closeup

julie copy

As with our recent engagement session we’ll post more in the next few days. We will be offering more edgy shoots for portraits and seniors who desire more of a fashion look.

Sean and Kim’s E-Session

Sean and Kim are the cutest couple, fun, silly, and goofy all in one. They really enjoyed themselves as we walked around downtown taking advantage of some cool architectural elements and an enthusiastic couple. You’d never know it from these shots, but it was 97 degrees out in downtown with no breeze, humid as van be (isn’t it always in the valley here). We all had fun and we can’t wait till September for the wedding at the Maridor on Grandin Road.

Look at how cute they are!
Kim and Sean's engagement

Sean’s Grandfather worked for the Railroad, so we thought we’d incorporate that into some shots…
Kim and Sean's engagement

This is the sweetest shot! That grin he has is so sincere and loving…
Kim and Sean's engagement

The sunsnuck into this one (in the middle of a series) and warmed things up quite a bit, a happy accident but we love this shot!
Kim and Sean's engagement

Kim and Sean's engagement

Kim and Sean's engagement

The couple loves black and white photography, so I formulated a special conversion to have a very film-like look…
Kim and Sean's engagement

Kim and Sean's engagement

At the end of the session, this is one of my favorites!
Kim and Sean's engagement

Feel free to leave feedback for us, and you can always email me to book your session anytime.


A Surprise…

I was asked to photograph the dress rehearsal for a local dancer performing with Divine Dance Center. I arrived with gear in hand (and on shoulder) to a darkened theater with Moms and friends scattered about. Finding a place in the middle of the theater in a position that wouldn’t be in the way of others I setup with a good zoom lens for low-light conditions, cranked up the ISO and settled in with a sports-oriented mindset (look for the action, shoot like mad, repeat…). What I found was that this was going to be a deeper experience than that, the motion, grace, form, and emotion of the dancers poured out onto the stage. I was spellbound, capturing images at a relaxed pace, concentrating on shapes and movements and beauty. What a surprise! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had respect for dancers, but my enthusiasm for this art form took me by storm…







A very talented group of people, my hat is off to you!

Woody’s Birthday Bash…

A friend of ours (Woody) turned 30 😉 this past weekend, and wanted us to come over and take pictures to document this momentous occasion. We showed up, setup lights, weathered the heat (along with the guests) and had a great time. Take a look here to see the images. If you need a vehicle be sure to stop by and see Woody at Brambleton Imports!

A sneak peak at what’s coming…

We will be photographing Kim and Sean’s wedding this September at the Maridor on Grandin Road. Kim and Sean are a really sweet couple who are both musicians (Kim’s band (Level 6) is playing First Friday’s in July, so come out and see them!) and have a real love for each other (you can see it in their eyes!) Lots of fun to work with, and the two of them are quite cute together! Well enough of that, here’s your teaser…

Kim and Sean's engagement

More to come in the next few days…


Taking care of people…

Ok, so as I look at my blog I realize that it gets a little stagnant from time to time… So I wondered why, and looked at the hours of the day, and workloads, and blogging, and realized that I do not blog frequently enough, but more importantly I realized why. I always put you first! Just as I should. I will neglect my blog for weeks at a time and it may appear that I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs (not nearly as much fun as making images!). But I have a tendency to edit images, retouch, put in orders, and schedule meetings…

So no excitement today on the blog, but I will tease you with an update coming very soon… think “tomorrow morning”… think “fun party pics”… also think “cute, fun, engagement shoot”… concentrate, visualize it… you are getting very sleepy… go to bed, wake up and check the blog and you will be rewarded tomorrow!

-ok, so that has to be one of the silliest posts on here to date, but I’m in a rather jovial mood!


The Wading Girl at 202 Market

Billy, Sarah, Josh, and Jason (aka: The Wading Girl) played at 202 Market this past Friday, and boy did they play! Billy and Sarah put so much emotion and energy into their singing it’s hard not to get caught up in the moment with them. With Josh on the Banjo (and the Guiness) and Jason on drums they really rocked out down there on the market.

Where did they play Friday night?  oh yeah, 202

Josh, Billy, Sarah, and Jason


TWG crowd look

Sarah can really belt it out (her parents came to this show!)

Billy is such a crooner!

The dancefloor upstairs…
202 Dancefloor

Well The Wading Girl is on a short tour right now, I’ll show you more of these cats when we get down to doing a proper photo shoot.

For anyone who has not been down there yet, it is a hip restaurant, nightclub, and live venue on the corner of Campbell and Market St. in downtown Roanoke. Cool lighting, great food, atmosphere, it all works together for a nice upscale feel.