Throw Back Thursday! (with a BONUS!!)

4 years ago we shot an awesome engagement session with a wonderful couple!  Beth and Louis asked us to come to their hometown in Lynchburg and scout out some spots.  We found this old building (I honestly don’t remember what it was, library maybe? Comment below if you know!) and Beth and Louis both went into supermodel mode! Add your own light from a strobe and nature helped out with a gorgeous sky!

  Oh yeah, that bonus we mentioned above?!?  Check out the Investments page on the website for update pricing on all our services!!  Fan us on Facebook to keep an eye out for Free sessions!  We have some ideas and need models, you’ll get some great images for a little time/energy on your part!

Well here we are… a post about life… loss… Pooh… puppies…

  It has been way too long since I wrote anything here.  You see,…

  Last year was CRAP! Angel and I dealt with a lot!  From BIG problems at the corporate dayjob to loss of loved ones, it was a bit overwhelming.  The clients we had were wonderful and allowed us to be creative and brighten what felt like pretty dark times.  Our families and friends were there for us and did everything possible to help out when needed and we owe them for that (you know who you are).

  I’m writing this not as a sob story but as a segue into a bit of a “phoenix-risen-from-the-ashes” kinda thing.  It’s been impossible to make myself create for this blog or update the website during this time.  I knew it had to happen but every time I would sit down to do “it”, it felt fake.  I was writing because I told myself I had to but it wasn’t quality, it wasn’t ME coming out through the words, they were just words… (look at the last few blog posts!) We have a lot of work from that time that we haven’t posted much because I didn’t want to shortchange the couple/family/senior with a less than stellar post.

  Snuggled in bed with my soulmate I resurrected an activity from our past and grabbed off our bookshelf a 1926 printing of Winnie the Pooh and started reading from the beginning to my wife before we went to sleep.  Doing the voices with the right inflection and tone and excited-ness or sadness (Eeyore anyone?) seemed to sooth both of our hearts and help us rest for the night.  We will be doing a special family photoshoot the the girls around Halloween!  A.A. Milne and his cast have been a staple of our lives since we were both young, I started reading to Angel in bed when we first started living together and honestly it’s something we should do more often! (she reads Twilight to me while I play Tiger Woods on the Wii sometimes!)

  Speaking of the girls, puppies are WONDERFUL!!  Our eldest is now 2 and still a little bundle o’ energy!  If you don;t already have one, get one, or two, or three, or…  wait, when does it become hoarding?

  So, to end this on an upnote, the website is getting an update, the pricing has already received an update (lowered!), we are going to be giving away some sessions with digital images soon keep an eye out here and on Facebook!  We want to stretch our portfolio and get some images up that we’ve been wanting to create, have YOU got what it takes?!?  We’ll be looking for dancers, tradespeople, vikings, etc.  Stay Tuned!

  Thank you all for being here, let me know in the comments what type of session you would like to have!