Garrett & Ben E-Session

Garrett and Ben met with us early this year to discuss their wedding plans at the Kyle House in Fincastle. We hit it off immediately with the two of them, laid-back, funny, lots of smiles, we were excited to be working with these two. As the summer approached we setup an early engagement session in downtown Roanoke. This serves two purposes: 1. to create some beautiful images for the couple, and 2. (possibly more importantly) we create a rapport with the couple so that by the day of the wedding we’re like old friends (only they’re the ones with the funny stories about me, climbing on unstable stuff, almost falling, etc.)!

We found a dark alley to play around in, and Garrett worked it!
Garrett & Ben dark alley

Ben gripped his fiance in a tight embrace and dipped her, check out that smile!
Garrett & Ben dip

See, more hugs, more smiles, I think there’s a pattern here!
Garrett & Ben

Happiness filled the air that day!
Garrett & Ben

A super-attractive couple dodging traffic downtown!
Garrett & Ben

Just before the smooch…
Garrett & Ben
(kinda has a vintage feel to it huh?)

They will be wed this Saturday the 19th, lotsa love, family and friends!

PS: a little bonus reel!

Uh oh! (some peronsal work too!)

Okay, I apologize, that was really rude of me!

…what? you’re confused now? Alright, it has been almost three months since I blogged last! Well, I meant to, I mean we’ve had a great summer, weddings, engagement shoots, seniors, I even uploaded the images to blog about! And then…


I have a bunch of stuff coming and a schedule now for blogging so keep an eye out for that. I have been updating facebook pretty regularly (a lot of the images are for clients on there, so they’ve seen all the nice new stuff).

Jessi will look familiar to most of you guys, we have worked with her to produce headshots two years in a row for her dance competitions as well as photographed a recital. It was during that recital when I was rather overwhelmed with emotion that I got the idea to do some dance related images with Jessi. These images are only the starting point for this project…


such grace and beauty…
dance on the path

we had been up a little arlier that day and captured this…
morning beauty

Jessi’s beauty is matched only by her talent…
a chilly start

early flight

Many thanks to Jessi for getting up so early to help with this, we’ll setup another session after a while.

As always comments are greatly appreciated, either here or via email, let me know what you think!