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Kate’s Fashion Bridals

  Kate had worked with us a few years ago through Metropolished a local modeling agency.  We loved working with Kate!  She is so confident and beautiful, we wanted to work with her again.  Like so many of our clients we formed a friendship with Kate and kept in touch through the years.  After getting married on the other end of the state Kate asked us if we would do Fashion Bridals for her…

  Fashion Bridals are otherwise known as “Trash the Dress” sessions!  We immediately jumped at this and we all brainstormed some neat ideas and locations.  Now, you may be wondering how fashion bridals are any different from regular bridals, I mean, we don’t really trash the dress do we?

  No!  We just take a different direction than your typical bridal session, a little more edgy, the dress my get dirty (not trashed!), but you get to wear what is probably the most expensive, detailed, elegant dress you’ll ever own more than once!  And you’ll get some stunning images to show off forever!

  We started off with some natural-light images to warm up a bit, Kate took the role of Super-model and ran with it!IMG_0001Kate had such a beautiful gown!  We sat her here on the old stairs and wrapped her up mermaid style so you could see the beading/embroidery on the back…IMG_0036What a gorgeous smile!IMG_0055See, I told you the back was beautiful!IMG_0069The sun cooperated to give us an awesome sunset, and some great clouds!IMG_0097Grunge and glamour combine for Fashion Bridals…IMG_0106Had to get the shoes, I just had to…IMG_0118Clouds, thank you so much for your appearance!IMG_0133Kate, thank you for “bringing it!”  You are a Super-Duper Model!IMG_0134

No more holding out…

Annie is a Senior from Franklin County that we have been working with. She wanted edgy, fashion oriented Senior portraits that didn’t look like everyone else’s, so she called us. We utilized our fashion background and found some awesome locations for her first shoot.

Here are a few favorites…



Annie wow! (senior portraits)

We put together a little slideshow as well, feedback is always appreciated!

The Day After…

We have talked to many couples about doing a “Day After Session” or “Trash the Dress”, and it usually needs a little explanation…

Basically, on your wedding day you will be REALLY strapped for time, sometimes stressed, and always ready to PARTY at the reception! With most people scheduling the posed photos after the ceremony and guests/family anxious to start the reception (food and drink are important)tensions can run high as guests wait at the tables for the bride and groom to return from the photo session. Daylight may be fading or weather may not cooperate, so scheduling a Day After session can make the day less stressful and get some AMAZING images!

We always work hard to find the most beautiful, or edgy, or cool places for your photoshoot no matter where we happen to be, but imagine a shoot in the woods, or in an urban setting, or in the water at the beach for your wedding images. How many of your friends did this for their wedding? We have a few setup for the future and can’t wait to meet with these couples again to create some artistic images.

Brides may wonder about how their dress will fair after something like this and that is a valid question. We can take it easy and be very careful with dress and where you sit, stand or lay. Or we can go all out for some amazing imagery and make the fashion world jealous with what we create with you. What are you going to do with your dress afterwards anyway? Will your daughter want to wear it 20 years from now? Did you wear your mother’s dress? Why not? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should take it to goodwill the day after the ceremony, I know the investment you made in that dress, wouldn’t you want to get a little more use out of it? A good dry cleaner will have most of them as good as new (unless you go all out with mud or grease or something!)

We’ll show off some as we do more…

Holding out…

Yep, that’s right, I’ve been holding out on you…

Between meetings and shoots I’ve left you hangin’… Well let me see if I can fix that…

Early at the arboretum Shannon turned on that beautiful smile…
I'm getting married!!

then we headed on to a beautiful wooded setting…
reflection of bridal beauty

…where Shannon turned into a fashion model and rocked the runway (…err, woods, I mean)
Shannon fashion

She worked every angle with her dress!
workin' it

and straight out of Italian Vogue…

Wow! I still need to post their wedding images for you blog readers, and we are looking forward to a Fahion Bridal session with her and Jeremy that should be uber-cool!

Shannon and Jeremy at Mabry Mill

Shannon and Jeremy asked us to meet them at Mabry Mill for their E-Session with us a few weeks back…

The mill has quite a charm (some old-school sepia treatment doesn’t hurt!)

And a more modern treatment…

Next, the couple turned on the heat for some fun in the woods (they could totally be models right?)

Then we stopped by an old structure for a quick bit…

And Shannon’s shoes stole the last shot (how could they not!), Jeremy got mad props for picking these out! What will Shannon be wearing on the big day?!? We can’t wait to see…

You’ll be seeing them again soon after the wedding, and Shannon will be doing bridals before to long.

More work with Metropolished…

We are having a blast working with Susi and Val at Metropolished Model and Talent Agency, these two are creative, caring, and overall wonderful people. We’ve been busy shooting for headshots and compcards for their models on a pretty regular basis. If you’re looking for an agency to represent you give them a call and see what they can offer, if you’re in need of models for an event, look no further as they have some great talent in their ranks (we know because we’ve worked with most of them!) Well, on to the images (these are from a variety of days and shoots)

Anne Marie from above

Anne Marie poetry close

Anne Marie

Geneva classic portrait

Aimee beauty full length

Aimee swimsuit


Aimee portrait

Kristen headshot

Kristen portrait

Morgan punk'd up

These are just a few of the models we’ve worked with over there and we’ll post more (surprisingly the website is more updated than the blog!)

Fashion shoot…

We had another photoshoot with some models from Metropolished this past weekend. The girls were great to work with and helped make some awesome images, we’ve been inspired and will probably be contacting them to do some more shoots soon. These shots are mostly fashion oriented, we’ll share some more as time goes on, we’ll be heading over there again this weekend for some headshots too.

Before I get to the pictures let me tell you about a fashion show at 202 Market this coming Thursday night. The folks (Susi and Val) over at Metropolished will be organizing and coordinating everything as well as bringing the models to the Star City. Take a look here for more info! We can’t wait to see you there!

Well, now to the images…

Susi is absolutely amazing as a make-up artist, from a natural look, to high fashion, to stage and TV Susi can rock out with the brushes and powders! Val is such a bundle of energy during these shoots too, bustling with ideas and suggestions, as well as standing in as a model from time to time.

We started off outside with a few headshots as well as bathing suits, Kaili really turned it up for this shot…

Then we headed inside for some high fashion shots with some really fabulous dresses from Patina and of course Susi’s impeccable styling. Gracie possesed quite an elegance in these gowns, she gave everything we asked for that day and it shows in her film…

…then we took Gracie in another dress and used a little more dramatic lighting for this shot…

Wow, you should have seen how Christina rocked this dress with perfectly matched styling by Susi! …oh wait, I can show you!

Well, that’s it for now, feel free to share your thoughts here. By the way, Susi is availabe for styling for your portraits, let me know if you’re interested.


Something different…

…well different for me. We were contracted to shoot headshots for a new Model/Talent agency in town called Metropolished. We will be working with Susi and Val from time to time doing headshots and fashion shoots. Here are a few samples from a recent session…

sandy closeup

julie copy

As with our recent engagement session we’ll post more in the next few days. We will be offering more edgy shoots for portraits and seniors who desire more of a fashion look.