Family Portraits!

Whitney had met with us concerning her wedding in 2010 and booked us right away! We met downtown for an engagement shoot that was very metropolitan and pretty hot to boot! After family saw the E-Session images they inquired about a family portrait session that would feature the fall colors.
We lucked into a beautiful day with the sun streaming through and warming us all up!

We can’t wait for the wedding!!

From earlier this year…

We attended the Roanoke Machine Gun Shoot at Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club this past spring. Everyone had a blast (literally) firing tons of legally owned fully automatic weapons under close supervision. Everything from .22 caliber Uzi machine pistols to Thompson sub-machine guns to an M-2 .50 caliber! Great fun and good honest people (do you know how difficult it is to acquire a license for a Class III machine gun?). We put this slideshow together for the club.

Can’t wait until next year!