I left the camera at home…

I love fireworks!! Although as a youngster I had my time with bottle-rockets, firecrackers, saturn rockets, and roman candles, right now I’m talking about BIG displays… Like Roanoke Times’ display at River’s Edge. WOW!! Did you see it? It was amazing, this year’s display was by far the best I’ve ever seen from the Roanoke Times. Starting with a remarkable “low-flying” dispaly with showers of sparks, turrets of fast firing rockets, and lots of “ooohs” and “ahhhs”, followed up with a large, extremely colorful, well choreographed, big-bang, high shootin’, display.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t forget the camera, I left it at home. I had fun with my wife, son, and family enjoying the show, celebrating our freedoms, remembering those who protect it, and loving life. Next year we’ll have an army of cameras, tripods, and enthusiasts to capture the display…

Here’s a couple of images from a few years ago…

3 thoughts on “I left the camera at home…”

  1. missed the fireworks in Roanoke 😉

    First I was thinking how could you ever leave without the camera… that would be about the first rule to always carry it with you.
    But then again… I hear you. Sometimes it’s good to actually spend time with the family and “just” sit down, relax and enjoy what we got.

    I look forward to see what you guys come up with next year with your army of cameras 🙂

  2. Peter,
    the wife and I will be shooting next year, but we’ll also be showing my parents how to shoot fireworks too. I hadn’t told them what settings to use, and partway through the show I see them shooting in green box mode, flash and all! So next year everyone will get a little help with settings…

  3. ahh yeah… been there done that.
    My sister in law bought my old camera (fuji non-slr) and the questions have been never ending. Of course I usually resort to the “did you read the manual for that section?” but I already know the answer.
    But even with explanation and all I see her camera held in stretched arms framing the photo with the LCD screen. And when time comes around to take the photo first the green AF assist lamp goes off, then the flash pops up. A little sound from the focusing and pop…
    After this little exercise there is a few words about how crappy the camera is at taking fireworks photos or why did the mountain (otherwise looking great) turn out so dark?

    I guess one should just go through the functions one by one but then again attention span is something else to take into consideration.

    Which leads me to thinking that some post series about camera usage would be helpful and a little project on it’s own. catering to people that don’t want to read the manual or just don’t get it.

    Maybe I could learn something too 🙂

    ohh btw. I know… My patience isn’t always as good as I would like it to be 🙁

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