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Valentine’s Day Engagement Special!!

I know a lot of you lovebirds will be getting engaged tomorrow and to help you celebrate I’m offering a slew of upgrades and good stuff through the end of February!  Contact me via email at or text/call 540-871-4035 (leave a message if I’m tied up!)  Setup a face to face meeting over coffee and I’ll give you all the juicy details on the deals!


(BTW the photo is for Turnback Tuesdays!  Aaron and Kelly had a beautiful wedding way back in 2010!)

Elizabeth and Dustin E-Session

  I headed up to Roanoke College with Elizabeth and Dusty for their “get to know you session”, Angel couldn’t make it this day so we went ahead without her and had a blast. We roamed around the Roanoke College campus and found some beautiful spots to shoot at and generally had a good time, while getting to know these two and sharing a few laughs.  They’ll be getting married this Saturday in Salem with the reception at The Inn at Burwell Place.

IMG_0014Such a cute couple…IMG_0015

Elizabeth will make a stunning bride…

IMG_0025IMG_0031And Dusty will make a handsome groom…IMG_0039IMG_0075IMG_0093IMG_0112
Since Angel couldn’t make the first session we headed out again a little later and short a short session with them before having dinner just to get to know everyone a little better…IMG_0030IMG_0044Abbey Road?..IMG_0061IMG_0066IMG_8903

Lindsay & Cary’s Engagement Session

  Lindsay met us at Karolina & Chris’ wedding, she and Cary got a first-hand look at how we work on the wedding day.  During the reception they introduced themselves and inquired about our availability for the following year, I told them we were available on that day and that we should meet to discuss everything.  We met a few weeks later over coffee and had a blast getting to know on another and talking about their big day!  We met for their Engagement shoot (get to know you session) at a neighbor’s farm for a little horseback shoot…

  We headed into the woods and found a great fallen tree, all mossy like and had to stop for a quick shoot there…


At the bottom of the trail we had these crazy kids climbing on rocks in the middle of the river for some lovey-dovey fun!IMG_0012A super cute sequence!IMG_0027IMG_0028IMG_0031Horseback?  Oh yeah, She’s got skills!  Romantic? you bet!IMG_0147I love this candid moment…IMG_0165IMG_0176IMG_0178Next we got some sun-kissed goodness in the field…IMG_0187Add a giant strobe and you get this…  (CD cover anyone?  They rocked this photoshoot!)IMG_0195 We can’t wait for the wedding day!IMG_0270A blingety-ring!  (Nice job Cary!)IMG_0291So relaxed and natural, they are truly in love!IMG_0300Hang this one on the wall guys!IMG_5677

Karolina and Chris E-Session

  We will be at Saint Andrew’s again later on this year with Karolina and Chris, so to get away from the Downtown/Metro scene we headed up on the parkway for the engagement session.  I scouted out the site for Explore park two days before our shoot was scheduled and looked around, a nice place but not quite magical…

  Cue Karolina and Chris to enter from stage left!  Suddenly this old park (no longer in use) takes on a new life for their images, great smiles from Chris, cute flirts from Karolina and POW! her is what we get!

  The light was right, the mood was there, we had a great time with them and can’t wait for the wedding in October!

Garrett & Ben E-Session

Garrett and Ben met with us early this year to discuss their wedding plans at the Kyle House in Fincastle. We hit it off immediately with the two of them, laid-back, funny, lots of smiles, we were excited to be working with these two. As the summer approached we setup an early engagement session in downtown Roanoke. This serves two purposes: 1. to create some beautiful images for the couple, and 2. (possibly more importantly) we create a rapport with the couple so that by the day of the wedding we’re like old friends (only they’re the ones with the funny stories about me, climbing on unstable stuff, almost falling, etc.)!

We found a dark alley to play around in, and Garrett worked it!
Garrett & Ben dark alley

Ben gripped his fiance in a tight embrace and dipped her, check out that smile!
Garrett & Ben dip

See, more hugs, more smiles, I think there’s a pattern here!
Garrett & Ben

Happiness filled the air that day!
Garrett & Ben

A super-attractive couple dodging traffic downtown!
Garrett & Ben

Just before the smooch…
Garrett & Ben
(kinda has a vintage feel to it huh?)

They will be wed this Saturday the 19th, lotsa love, family and friends!

PS: a little bonus reel!

Shannon and Jeremy at Mabry Mill

Shannon and Jeremy asked us to meet them at Mabry Mill for their E-Session with us a few weeks back…

The mill has quite a charm (some old-school sepia treatment doesn’t hurt!)

And a more modern treatment…

Next, the couple turned on the heat for some fun in the woods (they could totally be models right?)

Then we stopped by an old structure for a quick bit…

And Shannon’s shoes stole the last shot (how could they not!), Jeremy got mad props for picking these out! What will Shannon be wearing on the big day?!? We can’t wait to see…

You’ll be seeing them again soon after the wedding, and Shannon will be doing bridals before to long.

Jennifer & Michael E-Session

I have been a little behind on my blogging lately as we have gotten into the busy season of the year for us. Designing sample albums, meeting with couples, scouting locations, all in addition to the shoots that are the meat and potatoes of our business.

Well speaking of shoots, we had an engagement session session with Jennifer and Michael (whose wedding we’ll be shooting in May). They are an extremely cute couple, who are great to work with, they toughed it out through the wind to get some great shots with us a few weeks back. So great to work with, and you can truly see the adoration they have for each other in their eyes when they’re together. Well enough of my rambling, let’s get to the images…