What Clients have to say about us...

I would recommend Michael Sink Photography to anyone! I spent weeks researching who we were going to use to photograph our wedding. We knew that this was something that was very important to us, that we had to find the right person for. Right when I saw Michael's website with all of his pictures on it, I knew I would be contacting him. I emailed Michael and had a response the next day. My husband and I went and met him for coffee and to see some of his work. Everything was great. Needless to say, we booked him! We signed the contract and a couple of months later, changed the date, time, and place on him! We were worried this would present a problem, but Michael worked with us and was willing to do whatever we needed him to. We met for an engagement session and found him very easy to work with. We just had a good time and it was nice to be able to warm up to him before the big day. Our pictures turned out exactly the way we imagined! A week or so before the wedding, we met up with him and Angel (who is GREAT!) just to discuss how the day would go, etc. Wedding day, they were there right when we had planned. They made sure they were not in the way and were very respectful to our family and friends. They truly went above and beyond. Pictures turned out awesome and we got them FAST!! Michael Sink will definitly be our photographer for many other milestones in our life.

Whitney K.

To any friend or acquaintance, I would have to highly recommend Michael Sink Photography! Michael Sink is very flexible, honest, open to your ideas, fair priced, and very accommodating. He blends in at an event and you don't even realize he is there. He will stop at nothing to make you happy with your pictures. He is open to listening to a client's ideas and what they desire, and then putting his twist on it. I like to do things a little nontraditional, and Michael didn't skip a beat, he gave me what I wanted. He is also very prompt when responding to phone calls or emails, and when you are planning a wedding, that is very important! Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting but stressful times of your life, and it's nice to know you have one less thing to worry about. I had all the confidence in Michael and never worried about anything!

Garrett L.

In August of 2007 during a family vacation, my now-husband got on one knee and proposed. For the rest of that week, I just kept imagining a beautiful but simple outdoor wedding with close family and friends. I didn't imagine how it would go or what the minister would say. Instead, I thought of what our photos would look like in 10, 20, or 40 years. What would our children think when they looked at the wedding photos of their parents?

My sister was married the previous year and her photographer ruined her wedding day memories. When she talked about her wedding, she never said, "The flowers were amazing" or "the food was the best I ever had". Instead, she would sigh and talk about how awful a job her photographer did. She didn't remember what the tent looked like or what was on the tables because there are no pictures of it. She didn't even have photos of her guests, the catering, or her dress. Those photos can never ever be replaced. It is one fleeting moment that must be captured because it will never come again. After I got engaged, she took me aside and told me that I had to find a great photographer so that I would have more to show than she has.

When I got back from vacation, the planning began. My first mission was to find the perfect photographer within my budget. I reached out to dozens and dozens of companies that were unwilling to customize a package for us. They would lose our business before they would be willing to work with us. Well I can say with a smile as large as the sun, "THANK YOU TO THEM FOR TURNING US AWAY!"

In my search, I came across the "Photography by Michael Sink" website. Not only was his website impressive, but his pictures were breathtaking. As I looked through, I noticed that he didn't have thousands of pictures of random clients on multiple web pages. His site was very well thought out and personal. One couple in particular had used Michael Sink for their wedding, through their pregnancy, for baby's first photos, and for their family portraits. And the photos were amazing!

This was obviously a photographer that made long-lasting relationships instead of collecting a check. With high hopes, I emailed Michael and gave some initial information about our wedding and tight budget. The next day, I received a very personal email instead of a pre-determined price list. He called that night and we talked at length about our wedding and what we wanted. The following day he had customized a package that fit our budget, I was ecstatic!

For us, our engagement photos were the true test of Michael. Right away, we were impressed. This was not a posed photo session of 50 similar images of two people looking at the camera smiling. He took us to a location full of wildflowers of all colors, small ponds, and bridges. Michael was so creative and had a serious eye for lighting. He took shots of all angles and just as icing on the cake brought a second photographer to catch anything he may miss. Our photos were so natural and relaxed and our families were thrilled!

The bridal portrait session went just as the engagement session did. Again, this was not just snapping pictures and suddenly we're done. Michael took his time so that my photos were as perfect as I had imagined they would be; and of course they were! His wife came along and captured images of her own, held my gown as we walked, and knowing one of my biggest pet peeves, made sure my necklace was straight in all of the photos :-)

When I look back at my wedding that passed as quickly as a car on the interstate, I can't remember a whole lot. But photos remember every detail. The bride can t be everywhere at every moment, and beautiful moments happen when you are elsewhere. Michael caught all of those moments and I will have them for the rest of my life.

I am writing it because I can think of no other way to express how much Michael Sink and his wife meant to us through this entire process. He was not and is not "just" our photographer. He and his Angel are now our friends. I plan to be another client on his website in my wedding photos, carrying our children, and with my family in portraits.

The personal attention and time Michael gave to us were so much more important than just perfect photos. We are just so thankful that we got it all in one with Michael Sink!

-Lauren C.

I was looking for a good photographer who was also reasonable and found Michael Sink. His images intrigued me. I could definitely tell that he is an artist and great with the lens. After meeting with a couple of photographers, I decided that Michael was the right one for my fiance and I. Michael and his wife, Angel, will sit down and listen to what kind of pictures and poses that you want. They are very easy to get along with and make you feel at ease at once. Michael has taken our engagement photos and bridal photos. He and his wife will be at our wedding in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see what the pictures will look like! I told my mom that I could see him and his wife being a part of the "family and friends". I know that it won't feel like there are strangers at our wedding - I feel like they are a part of our guest list. I have already recommended Michael to several friends and I plan on going back to him in the future!

-Janece H.

Paul and I were married outside our home on July 19, 2008. We were very excited when we found out that the photographer and his wife had been past students of Paul's. We knew we wanted a few pictures taken during the wedding and the typical bridal party shots after the wedding but we had no idea what else we wanted or who we wanted to include. We also did not want the hassle or time taken away from our guests for pictures. Michael and his wife, Angel put our minds at ease. They came to the rehearsal on Friday, just to get ideas of where they could be, that would cause the least amount of distraction during the ceremony and still be able to get some wonderful pictures. We immediately knew we had hired the right person for the job. It was a relief to know that we had found someone we could trust to do a fantastic job.
The day of the wedding Michael and Angel came early and took pictures before the actual wedding. Not all of the pictures were your standard "family-bridal party pictures". I was amazed at some of the settings that he came up with for us individually and as a couple. He took pictures of us on the steps inside the house, looking out the bedroom window at the wedding site, coming out the front door, etc. I can't say enough positive statements about Michael and the job that he did for us. We were extremely pleased with his friendly nature and ability to make us feel comfortable, as well as , his professionalism, expertise and creativity that he shows in the pictures that he takes.

-Kathy B.

My husband, Brian, and I were engaged in October 2006 and married by November 24th 2006. Talk about a shotgun wedding! We had to plan fast!! At that time, I was working a few hours a week at CODA, a coffee shop in Grandin Village. From time to time at CODA, I would see a cool guy with a really nice camera taking shots of food, live music, people etc. Yes, as you may had guessed, it was Michael.

Naturally, I became curious for many reasons. Thoughts were racing through my head. Is this guy any good?, Does he have any plans for November 24th? Immediately, I went home and decided to google him. "Michael Sink" I typed in, and, boom!, I liked what I saw... www.michaelsinkphotography.com

I was suddenly drawn to his work. My husband and I could tell that he loved photography. His pictures were very different than those silly posed pictures. It was actually ART. We HAD to ask Michael to do our wedding. Even though it would be the day after Thanksgiving, Michael agreed.

On our wedding day, Michael and Angel, his wife, arrived to CODA even before we did. They sketched out lighting and the arrangements. He and Angel both had cameras (that were quite intimidating to my Sony Cybershot camera) and other important equipment to capture everything amazing about my wedding, including myself!!

They followed me around and made sure they got a shot of everything: make-up, dressing, hugging friends, tears of excitement all of it really. The wedding was amazing and the pictures tell the most creative and exciting story.
From black and white pictures, to ring pictures, to flower pictures, to group shots, to the perfect kisses, the truth is, no one could have done a better job. Michael and Angel made our wedding a better memory.

My husband, Brian, and I were pregnant. Even though our son, Noah, was not yet born, we really came to the conclusion that we never wanted to be pregnant again. Because this pregnancy was intended to be our last, we wanted to remember every moment of Noah's life even his life in the womb. We wanted to have belly shots taken and we considered no one else but Michael.

Michael and Angel kindly had backdrops and props ready on the day of our appointment. They even had drapes and outfits ready for me to wear. Michael had done some work ahead of time and mapped out some amazing ideas of very flattering, pure, and captivating belly shots.

Michael and Angel stayed very professional while taking these shots. I am the furthest thing from modest, but if I weren't, they would have made me feel comfortable while taking these photos. After all, being pregnant is pure and beautiful and a lifetime experience.

Not even three days later, Michael had made his finishing touches to the pictures and posted them on his site. My husband and I loved what Michael had created and we immediately ordered pictures. Once again, Michael made another special time in our lives a perfect memory. In a few months, Michael will take pictures of our newborn son, Noah. Then, in a year, Michael will capture Noah's first steps. After some time, Michael will be asked to take shots of Noah's first bike ride. Before I know it, Michael will be taking pictures of Noah's senior year of high school, engagement, and wedding. Maybe one day, Michael will get to capture pictures of Noah's first child. Time will fly by, but Michael will help us share the memories.

  • Julie W.