The Wading Girl at 202 Market

Billy, Sarah, Josh, and Jason (aka: The Wading Girl) played at 202 Market this past Friday, and boy did they play! Billy and Sarah put so much emotion and energy into their singing it’s hard not to get caught up in the moment with them. With Josh on the Banjo (and the Guiness) and Jason on drums they really rocked out down there on the market.

Where did they play Friday night?  oh yeah, 202

Josh, Billy, Sarah, and Jason


TWG crowd look

Sarah can really belt it out (her parents came to this show!)

Billy is such a crooner!

The dancefloor upstairs…
202 Dancefloor

Well The Wading Girl is on a short tour right now, I’ll show you more of these cats when we get down to doing a proper photo shoot.

For anyone who has not been down there yet, it is a hip restaurant, nightclub, and live venue on the corner of Campbell and Market St. in downtown Roanoke. Cool lighting, great food, atmosphere, it all works together for a nice upscale feel.

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