Taking care of people…

Ok, so as I look at my blog I realize that it gets a little stagnant from time to time… So I wondered why, and looked at the hours of the day, and workloads, and blogging, and realized that I do not blog frequently enough, but more importantly I realized why. I always put you first! Just as I should. I will neglect my blog for weeks at a time and it may appear that I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs (not nearly as much fun as making images!). But I have a tendency to edit images, retouch, put in orders, and schedule meetings…

So no excitement today on the blog, but I will tease you with an update coming very soon… think “tomorrow morning”… think “fun party pics”… also think “cute, fun, engagement shoot”… concentrate, visualize it… you are getting very sleepy… go to bed, wake up and check the blog and you will be rewarded tomorrow!

-ok, so that has to be one of the silliest posts on here to date, but I’m in a rather jovial mood!


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