Woody’s Birthday Bash…

A friend of ours (Woody) turned 30 😉 this past weekend, and wanted us to come over and take pictures to document this momentous occasion. We showed up, setup lights, weathered the heat (along with the guests) and had a great time. Take a look here to see the images. If you need a vehicle be sure to stop by and see Woody at Brambleton Imports!

2 thoughts on “Woody’s Birthday Bash…”

  1. Interesting to see that you are using photoreflect.
    Just curious, what software are you using on the home end and how is photoreflect working for you with regards to everything from capture to print and delivery (workflow)?

    Also curious about how you brought the strobes along and how many. Umbrella, boxes, power packs? well yeah I know I am curious. But going into the field is always interesting and you seem to have nailed it pretty good 🙂

  2. Peter,
    thanks for the comment! I am using Lightroom for the batch edits, Photoshop to touch-up any spots (extension cord, stray beer can…), and Darkroom Web Edition to upload and process orders through Photoreflect. We work with a local lab for prints (through Photoreflect) quality is phenomenal!

    As far as lighting, we used an ABR800 on the left with a silver umbrella in bounce mode, and a AB800 in a 30″x60″ softbox for “fill”. Luckily we had power there via a 50′ extension cord, but I had brought the Vagabond II just in case.


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