A Surprise…

I was asked to photograph the dress rehearsal for a local dancer performing with Divine Dance Center. I arrived with gear in hand (and on shoulder) to a darkened theater with Moms and friends scattered about. Finding a place in the middle of the theater in a position that wouldn’t be in the way of others I setup with a good zoom lens for low-light conditions, cranked up the ISO and settled in with a sports-oriented mindset (look for the action, shoot like mad, repeat…). What I found was that this was going to be a deeper experience than that, the motion, grace, form, and emotion of the dancers poured out onto the stage. I was spellbound, capturing images at a relaxed pace, concentrating on shapes and movements and beauty. What a surprise! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had respect for dancers, but my enthusiasm for this art form took me by storm…







A very talented group of people, my hat is off to you!

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