*** A few fun things about me...***

  • I may cry at your wedding! No, not a balling, sobbing, boo-hoo session, but a tear welling up behind the viewfinder of the camera at the most touching moment in the ceremony. I'm a hopeless romantic who married his junior high sweetheart and I'm quite a softy when love is in the air.

  • I enjoy making things, and making them well. Whether it's a deck on a house, a fully custom computer-rig, or a custom album from your photo shoot, heart, and soul, and a touch of perfectionism come together in my work.

  • I love America's Funniest Videos! Sometimes I will start watching a montage and first a little giggle, then a chuckle, then next thing you know it's one of those embarassing, can't breath, cheeks are sore laughing fits that has you on the floor... The sad thing is, I'm likely to rewind the clip and do it again!

  • I LOVE the outdoors! Most of our shoots you will see are out and about town. Walking down the same street that you have walked down many times and having a mini-studio shoot right there is so much fun. I have many people see my images and ask "WOW! Where was that taken?" Only to reveal to them that it was just around the corner from where they work amazes them. Finding spots like that is like a mini safari for me.

    ...well, enough about me. Contact me and let's talk about the images that I'll create for you...